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Why can’t soap be 100% organic?

Soap is made when fatty acids (your base oils like palm oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, etc) are saponified, or converted into soap, through a chemical reaction with a base.  The base is lye which is sodium hydroxide. Your ingredient labels might list the oils and sodium hydroxide separately, or it might list the oils as already “saponified.”  Either way, lye was used.  In liquid soaps, the lye is potassium hydroxide.  But, no worries, the lye is entirely consumed and there is no residual lye in the soap.

How should I store my soap?

Keep your soap in a cool, dry area while it is in storage. Try not to mix scents in a container to prevent mingling -you don’t want your citrus soaps smelling like peppermint!   During your shower, keep the soap out of the water stream and be careful not to leave it in a puddle of water when you are finished.  It is best to use a soap dish that drains so that your soap can dry out between uses (to help it last longer). Drying soap will generally stick to any surface, so do your best to minimize surface area contact. Stand your soap on its end until it can’t stand anymore. Then lay it on a side. Avoid laying it face down for as long as possible.

Do you make your soap?

No, we do not.  We searched extensively for a supplier with like-minded principles regarding the importance of organic production and respect for the environment.  We are very proud to have found a manufacturer that participates in the USDA’s National Organic Program.

When can I expect my shipment?

Once we receive your order, we strive to ship within 3-4 days using USPS Priority mail which takes 1-3 days to deliver.  You will probably receive your eagerly-anticipated organic soap within one week.  However, please be patient and keep in mind that Soaperior Organix was established as a training enterprise for people with special needs.  Shipment times may vary, but we assure you that we are diligent in our attention to detail.

Can I buy Soaperior Organix in a store?

Sorry, we are an e-commerce business, but who knows?  Maybe someday. . .

Are you a non-profit corporation?

As of July 2017, IT Soaperior Organix, dba Soaperior Organix is owned by Intensive Therapeutics, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting programs for children, teenagers and young adults with special needs.

How does this job skills training translate to the real job market?

Working at Soaperior Organix, teens learn concrete tasks like stocking inventory, packaging, processing orders, and preparing shipments which all require attention and concentration.  There are also important interpersonal skills to develop, such as taking directions, accepting correction, working with others and providing customer service.  In addition, abstract issues are involved, such as problem solving and, of course, it is great to have pride in one’s ability to be productive.  Also relevant to work,  there are related life skills, like time management and personal budgets to address.