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Here is the story of the family who started Soaperior Organix!

In 2014, we launched Soaperior Organix to teach e-commerce vocational skills to our two teenage sons with autism.  Currently, autism prevalence in the United States is 1 in 68 children.  We have a generation of children with autism who are becoming adults and need employment training. Like all parents of children with special needs, we worry and want to plan for our sons’ futures.

Through Soaperior Organix, our boys have acquired skills they can use to join the job market. They have learned to package and stock inventory, fill an order, pay online for shipping and arrange for postal pickup.  We have participated in several vendor fairs which are challenging, but our boys are making progress. They know how to set up, maintain our display, pack customers’ purchases and they are working on answering customer questions. With time and practice, we hope they will advance to other business concepts like bookkeeping, website management and social media.

Since the start of our business, we have partnered with five special education programs so that other teens with special needs can work with Soaperior Organix to develop their vocational skills. These students have learned job skills in an integrated context of running their own branch of Soaperior Organix. It has been a challenging and rewarding experience.

Why did we start with organic soap for this venture?  Simple.  We all use soap.  Nowadays, we are so conscious of pesticides, GMO’s, hormone-supplements and questionable farming practices for our food.  But isn’t what we put ON our bodies just as important as what we put IN our bodies? Read your soap labels. How many ingredients can you understand or even pronounce? What exactly are we rubbing into our skin and where is it from?  Do you know your soap?

While it is impossible for any soap to be 100% organic, Soaperior Organix uses only plant-derived base oils and essential oils – familiar ingredients – to produce soap that is 85% organic. Made in the USA and adhering to the USDA’s National Organic Program, Soaperior Organix soap has no synthetics, no animal fat and no mysterious fragrances that irritate your skin and strip its moisture. When you buy from Soaperior Organix, you are treating yourself to nourishing, natural skincare.

Explore our website, read the ingredients and see what a difference our products can make in your skincare.  Besides choosing wisely for yourself, your purchase supports a business that provides real job training for teens with autism.